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A sturdier chain sawmill – for the really large logs!


Now we can introduce a new, bigger version of the best chain sawmill in the world. The F2+ is an F2 on steroids! This sawmill is sturdier, heavier and meets the demands of customers who want an extra-robust sawmill for sawing large logs. All essential parts of the sawmill are oversized to stand up to the stress of heavy logs, and to create the space needed for bigger logs, the log beds have been extended with fully 20 cm. Even though the F2+ is bigger and a bit heavier than the F2, it has become even easier to handle due to a completely new feature that makes it possible to detach the log lifters while keeping the whole guide rail intact and aligned. It has never been easier to store, transport and set up a heavy-duty sawmill for oversized logs!

Several motor options

The design, with a lightweight saw carriage and a 4-metre guide rail, makes the sawmill extremely flexible and easy to use. The carriage slides smoothly on the guide rail during operation, and can easily be lifted on and off. The Stihl MS661 is a suitable chainsaw for the F2+ chain sawmill. With the powerful Stihl MS880, sawing goes even faster.


For stationary production, you can choose one of Logosol's high-efficiency electric saws with automatic feed unit, which gives you extra capacity. You can also equip the sawmill with the Logosol Log Moulder, which can be used with both the electric saws and the petrol-driven chainsaws.

Manages all sorts of wood

With the F2+ Chain Sawmill you can cut all sorts of wood, from hard oak to knotty pine. The measurement precision is impressive, and chain sawing gives a smooth surface that is easy to after-treat. The chain removes the sawdust while the timber is being sawn. The boards are clean from sawdust when you have finished sawing.

The F2+ chain sawmill is the ideal sawmill if you want to cut your own timber. This sawmill is just as easy to set up as it is to dismantle for storage. You get a flexible tool with all the functions needed to do a great job. The sawmill can be configured with 2 metres between the log lifters for longer logs, or 1 metre for shorter pieces, such as fruit-tree.

A maintenance-free lightweight sawmill

The F2+ chain sawmill is made of strong, anodized aluminium, a material with amazing properties. You get a maintenance-free, lightweight sawmill that will never rust and can stand up to logs that weigh one metric ton. In its standard design, you can cut 3.8-metre-long logs. If you want to cut longer logs, the sawmill can be extended to any length. Extensions are available in sections of half a metre or one metre, and several log lifters can be installed to make it possible to handle larger and longer logs with retained precision. Besides extensions, the sawmill can be upgraded with a variety of accessories.


• A saw carriage that slides perfectly, and is easy to lift on and off. Prepared for vibration-damping feeding crank, bar nose steering and water cooling.
• An open design; all operations are done in a good working position.
• Recommended maximum log diameter has been increased to 70 cm.
• A two-part construction for easy handling; the log lifters can be detached from the guide rail.
• Oversized log lifters and legs.
• It stands steady thanks to the longer distance between the feet.
• An additional beam stabilizes the frame so that it can carry the weight of large logs.
• Bigger and heavier but dismantable – it’s still a portable sawmill.

• A lightweight sawmill with minimal setup time. With just a few simple steps, the sawmill is dismantled for transport and storage.
• The frame is built of 1-metre sections that fit in the boot of a standard car.
• A lightweight saw carriage that slides perfectly on the guide rail, prepared for both crank handle and bar nose steering. Chainsaw, electric saw, log moulder and feed unit are compatible.
• Durable and dirt-repellent surface. It never rusts.
• The sawmill can be extended and upgraded when required.
• Strong log lifters with log beds, which together can stand up to one metric ton!
• Adjustment of depth of cut in fixed steps gives your timber accurate dimensions.
• Adjustable sawmill feet included for steady positioning
• Strong locking of the guide rail sections facilitates assembly and gives increased stability.
• Convenient, easy-grip carrying handle for easy moving.
• Two log clamps XL are included.



Weight: 65 kg

Length: 4, 5 or 6 metres as standard, but it can be extended to the desired length.

Width: 0,92 m

Height: 1,08 m

Log-loading height:: 0,6 m

Distance between log lifters: 1 or 2 metres

Log diameter: Up to 70 cm with the possibility of cutting even larger logs when required.

Log length: 3,7, 4,7 eller 5,7 m.

Max. log weight in its standard configuration: 1200 kg

Effective sawing capacity: 3–4 logs per hour.

Accessories: All the previous F2, M8 and F1 accessories are compatible.

Saw units: Stihl chainsaws MS661/MS880 or Logosol’s electric saws. Logosol’s log moulders.


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